Dental Professionals

Just as we wouldn’t trust anyone other than an expert to extract a tooth, why trust anyone other than an expert to take care of your accounting and tax planning needs?! We strive to provide you with PAIN-FREE tax and accounting services so that you can focus on what you do best!

For close to 50 years, Davis Martindale has been advising dental professionals just like yourself through the milestones of their careers. From graduating dental school, to becoming an associate, to buying a practice, to taking on your own associates, to selling your practice, to retirement planning, we can help every step of the way; we have the industry and technical expertise you need.

The Davis Martindale Professional Services Group provides services tailored to you, whether you are an associate or owner of a practice.

Accounting Services for Dental Professionals

Our Services

  • Assist in determining a fair purchase price
  • Assist in determining a structure for the purchase of sale
Business Planning
  • Tax planning tips as an associate
  • Practice aids/guides for your practice
  • Assistance in the planning of your corporate structure including involvement of family members of tax planning purposes
  • Assistance with setting up accounting software for monthly bookkeeping and training as required
Annual Filings
  • Preparation of financial statements, corporate and personal tax returns
  • Annual tax planning to optimize your personal income based on your goals
  • Assistance with tax audits and appeals
Other Services
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Cost share agreements
  • Associate agreements
  • Lease agreements

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