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At every stage in your business and personal situation, our tax specialists can help you successfully plan for and manage your tax obligations. We have extensive specialized training and qualifications, years of experience, and a dedication to being leaders in our field. We live and breathe tax every day!

But just as important and integral as our talent, technical skill, experience and dedication, is the time we take to get to know you, your journey, and fully understand your goals and your objectives. It’s how we get to solutions that are right for you!

Strategic Tax Advisory

Our team works with owner-managed businesses, large private corporations, sole proprietors, partnerships, trusts, estates and high net worth individuals to:
  • hold onto more of what you’ve earned
  • keep up with ever-changing tax obligations and compliance with ease
  • simplify your corporate structure to reduce costs
  • reduce your overall tax liability
  • navigate and structure business deals with maximum outcome
  • leverage technology to save time, manage risk and highlight opportunities for adding value

Areas of Expertise

Acquisition, Merger & Divestiture Tax Structuring

Whether you are planning to start, acquire, expand, or sell a business, our highly skilled team of tax specialists will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your goals and objectives. We provide effective and comprehensive tax planning and insight with a view to limit tax liabilities, identify and mitigate tax issues and risks, and maximize profitability and shareholder value, and more.  Through close collaboration with your legal counsel and other advisors, along with Davis Martindale’s dedicated Transaction Advisory Team we ensure you benefit from big picture planning.

Succession Planning for Family-Owned Businesses

Getting ready to move on to your next life adventure and want to ensure your business is taken care of? Our team will help you navigate the complex considerations related to the transfer of your business to a family member or a third party in a manner that achieves your objectives. Whether you are looking to make the transition now or in 10 years we can help put the plans and structure in place to ensure a smooth and tax-efficient transition.

Corporate Restructuring

Circumstances, needs and objectives evolve over time, and often your current business structure is no longer in alignment.  Are you taking advantage of all tax opportunities available to you under current legislation? Do you need a family trust? Can your structure be simplified? Our team of forward-looking tax advisors will help you determine and implement the right structure for today and the future.

Estates & Trusts

When planning for the financial well-being of your family or performing your obligations as an Estate Trustee we take the time to understand your unique situation. Our team will also help you with managing the overall tax burden, while ensuring that you’re compliant with the increasingly complex and ever-changing tax rules. We will support you with tailored planning, guide you with trusted advice, and assist you with understanding and complying with your obligations.

  • Estate & Trust Planning
  • Estate Compliance & Administration
  • Estate Trustee Support
  • Resources on expanded trust reporting rules for 2023 – Learn more today
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