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International Business Specialist Services

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We’ve been helping clients build value, manage risk, improve performance and gain peace of mind that their worldwide interests are being taken care of for over 54 years. As independent members of DFK International and DFK Canada, we also have immediate access to professional resources worldwide.

Our Areas of Specialty

Canadian and U.S. Tax Services

Moving or planning to invest at home or abroad? Our leading and dedicated international tax team are leaders in cross-border tax planning, allowing you to enjoy an international lifestyle or operate across borders, while we navigate the tax complexities for you.

Cross-Border and International Business

Our leading team of in-house experts hold a comprehensive list of international tax qualifications both in Canada and in the U.S. allowing you to be confident that you have the best plan in place to grow your business internationally.

We are independent members of DFK Canada and DFK International, the 7th largest association worldwide with 441 offices and 229 member firms in 93 countries, giving us immediate access to professional resources worldwide.

Work With Us

Our team is ready to have a personalized discussion with you.

*DFK International provides co-ordinating and other services to its member firms in connection with such firm’s practices in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax and management advisory services. DFK International does not practice in such fields. Each member firm is independent and is a separate legal, financial and administrative entity, practising under the laws in the country where it is based. Member firms are locally owned, operated and managed and each is responsible for its own liabilities. No single firm is responsible for the services or activities of any other.