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Seamless Connection With Your Business
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Business Accounting Services

We are innovators in the accounting space, seamlessly connecting our skilled professionals and your business, with a touch of personality.  We are known for talking about more than just business in our meetings! By getting to know how your business impacts you, your family and your community, we can help you to achieve success on your terms.

Small, large, local, international or somewhere in between?  The depth of our team’s knowledge and experience and our access to firm-wide resources allows us to help a diversified client base of individuals, professionals and businesses from all industries, ranging in size, and each within a unique stage of their journey, to reach their next milestones.

It goes without saying that integrity, hard work and quality without compromise are at the core of what we do, but to us, it’s about so much more than that.

You can expect more than just a report from us!

  • We’ve stacked our deck with highly qualified industry leaders from all accounting disciplines.
  • We work with a range of technologies – to save you time, increase efficiencies and help you to do better business.
  • We look beyond the numbers – giving you tangible and manageable plans to streamline processes, increase revenue, manage risk, plan for growth and improve your business.
  • We meticulously plan and use dedicated staff – ensuring an efficient and stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best!
  • One shoe does not fit all – so we’ll offer an appropriate level of assurance based on your needs, future plans, and industry factors.
  • We’ll listen – our clients call us to solve problems, give a second opinion and for reassurance when they need it most.
  • We’re connected – to the DFK network, giving us direct and immediate access to professional resources from over 465 worldwide offices in 90 countries, ensuring your international interests are maximized.
  • We’ll provide accounting with personality – it’s our trademark, but it’s also who we are. Relationships matter!

Accounting & Financial Reporting

We provide solutions based on the most appropriate level of assurance for your business and can also assist with minimizing tax exposure, HST, Payroll deductions, WSIB and EHT.

Notice to Reader (NTR) – Minimal level of engagement

Financial statements are created based on your in-house financial data and provides no assurance to the accuracy of the statements.  Commonly used for owner-managers involved in the business, but do not have external stakeholders or material financing arrangements.

Review – Limited level of engagement

Includes discussion with management and analysis of financial information to conclude that there is no reason to believe that the financial statements are not fairly stated.  Highlights unusual items or trends, inquires on findings, and includes disclosures and a statement of cash flows.  Commonly used to satisfy lenders or investors.

Audit – Maximum level of engagement

Provides the highest level of assurance through examination of invoices, bank statements and cheques, financial reporting practices and controls to confirm accuracy, identifies control weaknesses and highlights business risks.  Commonly used by private companies to satisfy shareholders or lenders for credit that exceeds a certain threshold.


Auditor’s Report: A further description of the auditor’s responsibilities

Our dedicated audit teams specialize in:

Pension Plans

We’ve completed over 200 pension plan specific audits and promise stability, cost-effective service and a high-quality experience.

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Our common sense approach provides the clarity needed to meet the increasing demand for transparency, the ever changing reporting requirements and the competition for donor dollars with ease.

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Condominium Corporations

Our fresh and experienced audit approach recognizes the unique reporting requirements for Condos and offers an efficient, professional and expertly polished service.

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Business Advisory Services

We offer relevant, accurate and timely management accounting advice and services to help you make good business decisions including budgeting, costing, financial analysis and forecasting.  Our unique access to the interVal and our firm-wide resources can also help with developing or updating your strategic business plan to move your business forward.

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Innovative Bookkeeping

Our Financial Data Management experts can work with a range of the latest technologies, consult on options to improve your business and help with smooth implementation.

  • Manage accounting transaction and bank feed data
  • Reconciliation of bank and credit card statements
  • Examination of accounts receivable, accounts payable transactions and sub ledgers
  • Monthly financial data evaluation
  • Generate monthly internal KPI’s

Clean reports and crisp year ends hand in hand with
up to the minute, insightful and technically sound advice
that you can trust.

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