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DFK Canada Newest Guide
How To Sell Your Business

May 4, 2023

DFK Guides

How to Sell Your Business

In the coming decade, over $2 Trillion in small business assets in Canada are expected to change hands as 76% of owners look to bow out. For many of these owners, the sale of their business will be their first and only experience with an M&A transaction. There is a tremendous amount at stake for owners looking to fund their retirement or next project.

In this new guide from DFK Canada, authors from Davis Martindale and other DFK firms from across the country set out the steps, processes, and options when selling a business that can help business owners maximize the return from their years of hard work.  Topics covered include:

  • What financial information will buyers want to see
  • How to value your business
  • Using projections to help the sale
  • Restructuring your business for tax efficiency
  • Assessing values for different purchasers
  • Management buyouts
  • Common forms of considerations
  • Tax and estate planning strategies for the sale proceeds
  • Working capital

The articles within this guide have been collaboratively produced by Valuations leaders belonging to DFK Canada. Davis Martindale is a member of DFK Canada Inc., a national association of independent accounting firms with locations in most major centers in Canada.