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DFK Tax Digest
2022 Issue Three

September 7, 2022

DFK Tax Digest - 2022 Issue Three

In this DFK Tax Digest – 2022 Issue Three:

  • Changes to the Trust Reporting Rules – Old News is Still not Good News – If you are a trustee of a trust, you have likely heard of the proposed changes to the trust reporting rules that were first announced in the 2018 federal budget as part of the government’s broader plan to crack down on tax avoidance.
  • Moving Expenses Deduction – Not Just for Employees – When the eligibility requirements are met, individuals can claim a deduction for moving expenses on their income tax return.
  • Mandatory Disclosure Rules – Update on Reportable and Notifiable Transactions – On August 9th, 2022, the federal government released amended draft legislation for the mandatory disclosure rules that were originally released in draft on February 4th, 2022.