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The Building Blocks of Value: Redundant Assets

August 9, 2022

(Originally Posted June 9, 2020) In a previous Davis Martindale blog (Valuation Components – Introduction to the Building Blocks of Value), we introduced the three ...

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Trusts: Part II – Determining Control

July 12, 2022

As discussed in our previous blog, Trusts: Part I, control of the trust is key in determining the impact for family law matters. In this ...

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The Building Blocks of Value: Net Tangible Assets

June 14, 2022

(Originally Posted September 10, 2019) Read Part 1 in our Building Blocks of Value Series – Introduction Read Part 2 in our Building Blocks of ...

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Trusts: Part I – Introduction

May 10, 2022

Trusts and trust funds may sound like a complex financial arrangement reserved for the wealthy; however, trusts are a common estate and tax planning tool ...

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The Building Blocks of Value: Goodwill and Intangible Assets

April 12, 2022

(Originally Posted July 16, 2019) Read Part 1 in our Building Blocks of Value Series In a previous Davis Martindale blog (Valuation Components: Introduction to ...

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Understanding the Principal Residence Exemption and its Benefits

March 7, 2022

As housing prices continued to rise throughout the pandemic, many people may have taken advantage and sold their home, condominium, or cottage to earn a ...

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Valuation Components: Introduction to the Building Blocks of Value

February 8, 2022

(Originally Posted May 14, 2019) You have decided to engage a Chartered Business Valuator (“CBV”) to value your business. After signing the engagement letter, paying ...

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Understanding the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption and its Benefits

January 11, 2022

You have spent the last 20 years building a successful business and may be ready to sell and retire, but what are the tax implications ...

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Free and Clear? Understanding Contingent Disposition Costs

December 28, 2021

(Originally Posted January 15, 2019)  Often, slow and steady wins the race. After years of saving, it isn’t unusual to have acquired a family cottage, ...

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Why Do I Need a Valuation?

December 14, 2021

Business valuation professional services have gone through a tremendous evolution over the past 40 years. This has been largely driven by legislative changes. To name ...

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Valuing Dental Practices

November 23, 2021

(Originally Posted August 13, 2018)  You’ve worked hard and you should be proud of yourself – you’ve graduated from your College of Dentistry and are ...

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Factors Impacting Minority Discounts

November 9, 2021

In a previous blog To Discount or Not to Discount – That is the Question, we introduced minority discounts in the context of valuations and ...

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