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Whether you are looking for the perfect co-op, have your letters and are still super ambitious or just keeping your eyes open for an opportunity for change, we are always on the lookout for talented, driven and unique personalities to join our growing team.

What's Your Dream Job?

Davis Martindale | Core Values in New Westmount Plaza

Interested in working in the accounting industry but can't find anything that feels right for you?
Tell us what your dream job would be!

What would you like to do if there were no restrictions or limits? What are your skills and strengths and how do you want to develop? In what kind of work environment are you truly comfortable and most likely to succeed? Tell us everything!

We believe that when people love what they do and the environment and culture they work in, they are more motivated, productive and fulfilled. Surrounding ourselves with enthusiastic and passionate team members is exactly the team we want. But this isn't just about us looking for new team members, it's also about you finding the best work and workplace for yourself.

If we can help you find your dream job, great. If that's with Davis Martindale, then we both win!

Describe Your Dream Job To Us Today

Domenica Miller | Manager | Accounting & Assurance | Davis Martindale

Our Core

It’s not unusual for a public accounting firm to claim to have professional development, mentoring and challenging work for employees. We couldn’t exist in the profession with anything less.

What differentiates us is how deep our Core Values go. They reflect the phrase ‘it’s how we do things around here.’ and capture our personality by influencing, reinforcing and shaping our firm’s culture. Our Core Values and our culture dictates who will fit in!

Davis Martindale Core Values | Make Relationships Matter

Although we are top-shelf accountants, we know it's the human connections that bring our work to life. Respect, trust, kindness are key in every relationship we have.

Davis Martindale Core Values | Find A Way

Accountability for us involves seeing it, owning it, solving it and doing it. We expect everyone to take initiative and be committed to seeing that task through to the end.

Davis Martindale Core Values | Do The Right Thing, Always

Integrity, professionalism, honesty and honouring commitments is simply how we do business at DM. Those that feel that we have that one wrong, just won't fit in.

Davis Martindale Core Values | Think Team First

Collaboration, teamwork and humility underpin our culture. To work at Davis Martindale you have to love being part of a team and rallying around your teammates.

And There's More...

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Comprehensive Benefits

Medical and Dental are just the start. We offer 3 weeks’ vacation out of the gate, RRSP matching and a fitness reimbursement program. Looking after yourself is important to us!

Congratulations to Team Members For Passed Exams, and Promotions 2022

Professional Development

It’s all about your growth! Our performance management process focus on what your career training and development will look like. Paid professional development is a no-brainer at Davis Martindale.

Group of team members at the beach.

A Great Team

Respect, support and care for our teammates comes naturally. We’re also leaders in our space, are known for our amazing workplace and are constantly growing! Join our team and be a part of something special.

Business Cares | Accountants Care | 2023

Committed to Giving Back

We believe that giving back to our community is an essential part of being a good corporate citizen. We are proud of our #DMgivesback initiative, encourage our team to be mentors and teachers in the accounting field and are active in our own personal communities.

Group of team members together all wearing matching red shirts.

Its Not All About Work

We’re committed to providing over and above service to our clients.  We also think it’s essential to have some fun in between giving it our all.  Whether lunch club, team runs, Christmas parties or annual golf tournaments pique your interest, there’s something for everyone!

Davis Martindale Team - Inspiration Rocks

We Value Connection

We value the connection with our community, peers and our clients.  We lead by example and hope to encourage others to care and connect like we do.  Check out what we get up to:

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Diversity & Inclusion

...are more than just words. By their very nature, our Core Values are about showing empathy, finding commonalities and accepting differences. We continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees. Diversity and inclusion fuels the relationships within our team and connects us closer to the clients and communities we serve.

“At DM we strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is part of all of our actions, not just an initiative brought  forward from HR. We know from experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds form a stronger and more creative work culture that delivers better results. But it isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do.”    Sue Marsh, HR Director

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