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Insurance Claims & Litigation

We’ve perfectly paired expertise with dedication to provide excellence in insurance claims, personal injury and commercial loss litigation, and forensic accounting services.  Our team of thought leaders are known for their attention to detail, timely and concise reports and for seeing beyond the numbers, but also for being responsive when you need us most!  We live by our signature because going over and above is not just what we do, but embedded in who we are.

Our proven track record of navigating complex insurance claims, providing high quality personal injury and commercial litigation loss accounting and expert witness services has been built over a decade of working extensively with hundreds of major insurance companies, independent adjusters, lawyers, business owners and individuals on thousands of loss claims across Canada. We attribute our success to our innovative processes, the size and centralization of our team of experts, our use of technology and the level of transparency we offer to all parties involved.

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Seminars Made for You.

Learn more about the seminar that we can provide for you and your team by contacting us today!

We provide tailored seminars in the following topics areas:

  • The Power of Evidence in Calculating Personal Injury Losses
  • Economic Losses – Looking at Reality
  • Financial Dependency
  • IRBs: From Basics to Advanced
  • When Numbers Lie – Fraud & IRBs
  • Current Events in AB
  • Online Calculators
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Decoding Financial Statements: Key Insights for Commercial Litigation Claims

Areas of Expertise

Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims

Providing accurate and timely reports for income replacement benefits, loss of financial dependency, priority disputes and other claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

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Commercial Insurance Claims

Providing trusted and timely reports for claims resulting from business interruption, stock loss, theft, liability and economic loss.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Independent and trusted defense and plaintiff services relating to economic losses from motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls and fatalities.

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Commercial Loss Litigation

Independent and trusted defense and plaintiff services relating to commercial losses and commercial insurance disputes.

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Forensic Accounting Services

Delivering experienced, prompt and objective forensic investigative accounting services to clients across Canada.

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Meet the Team

Our independent loss accounting experts hold a variety of accounting, forensic, fraud and insurance designations which we use to tailor our service to your direct needs.

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